University of Wisconsin–Madison

Freethought Festival 8

This year our 8th annual Freethought Festival had a fantastic turnout. Freethought Festival is a two-day series of talks by activists, comedians, authors, a spoken word poet, and other professionals on freethinking and secular issues. This year’s topics included secularism and science in institutions, the political taboo of atheism, secular social justice, and a comedy show from the Skeptic Comedian Ian Harris. Our speakers included Chris Johnson, Sophia Bella Thimmes, Hemant Mehta, Jennifer Willis-Rivera, Ryan Bell, and many more. The topics discussed at this year’s FTF successfully created in-depth dialogue between festival goers, as well as speakers.

The issues and topics discussed at this year’s FTF will serve as a reminder to the freethinking community at UW-Madison to keep pushing ourselves to do more within the wider secular community. The largest overarching topic discussed was the idea of using one’s secular identity to propel themselves into community involvement and social justice advocacy work. This is the road that AHA is currently on, and will continue to pursue for many years to come.

We are forever grateful for the opportunity to hear from such influential and insightful members of the secular community.

Thank you to all who came out this year for Freethought Festival 8, and we look forward to seeing your lovely faces at Freethought Festival 9!