University of Wisconsin–Madison

Love is Love

Here is AHA's Valentine's Day Capitol Display at the Madison Capitol.

This year for Valentine’s Day, Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics let their voices be heard within the Wisconsin State Capitol. It displayed two people holding hands, one who had the “AHA” symbol on them, and the other with a cross; these represent the different ideas they have surrounding religion or lack thereof. There were also a variation of gender symbols spread across them to represent the different gender identities that they may have. Even with these different beliefs and identities, these people have a huge heart in between them, showing that we can and should all be able to love who we want to love. We hope that by prominently displaying this we can provide a positive impact on more progressive ideas that surround love and relationships.

The display that we have chosen for this year was created by AHA Leadership Team Members. The poster reads, “Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is Love regardless of Beliefs, Gender, Race, Sexuality, or anything else that makes each of us unique. Brought to you by: Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics at UW-Madison”.

Overall, AHA wants the voices and ideas of secular people to be heard by our government and society. We also want this to be educational to those who may not know a lot about our beliefs. We especially hope that this shows people who may be viewing it that they are accepted within the secular community and we stand in solidarity for love for all.