University of Wisconsin–Madison

Blasphemy Bakesale

Last Friday night, many of AHA’s new members, old members, and officers joined together to begin the process of one of the most exciting fundraisers AHA does each year: The Blasphemy Bake Sale. All proceeds of this event and any future fundraisers this school year will go to Unidos Por Puerto Rico: a charity started by Puerto Rico’s First Lady to build a foundation for relief and recovery from natural disasters that have hit Puerto Rico quite recently, namely the hurricanes.  
Members came together to help bake and decorate the blasphemous baked goods. But what made these cupcakes and brownies so sinful? Not the low nutritional value (they’re good for the soul, that counts!). Members who attended the Friday night prep event took out their markers and art skills and drew out and wrote the most ‘blasphemous’ things they could come up with! Ranging anywhere from “world’s best blow job giver ;)” to a picture of Bucky the badger with his male parts hanging loose, our members truly covered all the bases.

Saturday night from 7-9pm, three AHA officers stood proudly with the creative baked goods. The bake sale raised a total of almost $80, thanks to students and community members who stopped by to help support Unidos Por Puerto Rico.

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