University of Wisconsin–Madison

Fundraising for Plan International at Freethought Festival 6

Each year, AHA chooses a charity to contribute to. This year, AHA is fundraising for Plan International USA.

Plan International USA is a humanitarian and developmental organization that works in 71 different countries to promote gender equality, children’s rights, and safety. They emphasize the importance of education in creating lasting change. To employ this, they immerse themselves in the communities they are helping, and not only bring material resources, but teach the members of the community how to deal with the issues at hand, whether it be how to build wells and find clean water resources, or how to combat gender inequality and raise awareness.

During Freethought Festival 6, AHA did something different from past conferences to raise money for Plan. Along with keeping a donation box out front by the registration table as they’d done in years past, a silent auction was held, allowing attendees to place bids on 6 Capitol displays that AHA officers in recent years created.


Thanks to the generosity of those who both attended and spoke at Freethought Festival 6, AHA was able to raise $793 over the course of two days for Plan International USA, bringing the total amount so far to almost $1,200! Thanks to everyone who has contributed, Plan International USA will continue improving futures, one community at a time.

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