University of Wisconsin–Madison

Spreading Kindness with PAVE

New outreach event is a success!
Last week AHA partnered with Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment (PAVE) to bring a few more smiles to campus in a time of stressful midterms and difficult social issues.
AHA decided to make business cards with sayings like “You are a smart cookie,” and “You are enough,” to positively impact students and help them understand that UW – Madison student organizations really do care.
PAVE and AHA were able to give kind messages and candy to 341 students, professors and campus workers. The effect could be seen in the true smiles and gratitude that arose out of that chilly Friday morning sidewalk.
AHA plans to do this event in the future with more student organizations to ensure reaching out to as many students who just need to hear that they are better than a triple scoop ice cream cone…with sprinkles.
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