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Book Review: A Short History of Nearly Everything

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AHA Book Review #1
Review by Vijay Marupudi

Title: A Short History of Nearly Everything

Author: Bill Bryson

A Short History of Nearly Everything is a must read book for anybody with an interest in history or science. People usually take human inventions and discoveries to be moments of “eurekas” but Bill Bryson demonstrates that history is exactly the opposite. Bryson tears through the common belief that science is an “answer” and emphasizes the fact that science is the process to find an answer. The book includes uncredited scientists who were unfortunate and lucky scientists who didn’t do much of the work they are credited for. Aimed at the general public, he manages to explain complex theories very fluidly and comprehensively. Being a non-scientist himself, A Short History Of 
Nearly Everything is an excellent effort at 
educating people about science and how we 
got here.

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