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We’re Secular and We Vote

This past Wednesday, March 30th, AHA partnered with the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) to mobilize secular voters and educate the public about how to vote in advance of the April 5 primary election.

The event was part of FFRF’s “I’m Secular and I Vote!” campaign designed to encourage secular voters to engage in the political process. Together, FFRF and AHA co-hosted a table at Union South. AHA officers and FFRF staffers distributed secular voting collateral, including pins, stickers and registration information to fellow students and staff.

Secretary Meghana Brandl and one of our Volunteer Officers

Since President Obama was first elected, the number of religiously unaffiliated adults in America has grown by 19 million, fueled by secular Millennials. Still, most candidates and media outlets continue to focus their time on traditional religious groups. AHA believes that it is time for the secular voting bloc to become more vocal so that our voices are heard in all areas of politics, from local politics to the presidential election.

Are you a student who is interested in voting? It’s important to get educated on the recently-changed voting laws in the state of Wisconsin. For students who do not have WI DMV issued ID or a passport, you will to get a special ID card for same day registration. You will not be able to use your standard issue UW student ID. They are issuing those special student Voter ID cards in the WisCard office at Union South.

Part of AHA’s tabling on Wednesday included educating interested students about these recent changes so that more students will know how they can vote.

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