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The Original God Graveyard Rises Again!

God Graveyard has spread nationwide with the help of the Secular Student Alliance. AHA has erected the original “God Graveyard” once again – and it will be up for display for longer than usual, so make sure you take a look before we take it down!

Here lie the graves of thousands of past gods.  
Once worshiped by entire civilizations, 
now forgotten by most.

How much longer will the gods of today last?


32 thoughts on “The Original God Graveyard Rises Again!”

  1. I hate to burst this schools bubble but even out of the couple gods I could see on their gravestones aren't dead and gone. They are still worshiped by pagans. I myself am one of these pagans that worship the old gods

  2. And as a former Pagan, the type of worship going on to Demeter or Artemis is simply not on the same level as the worship of the past. Modern Pagans do not worry about Zeus coming down and snatching up their young daughter for a tryst in the meadow.

    Ancient Greeks did. Or, rather, some of them did.

  3. I love this, yet am mildly offended by the inclusion of Ogun, he's not considered a "God", he's an Orishas, I suppose "Saint" would be more accurate. He's hardly dead, he's alive and well in my parents household, and the households of families around the world. (Not mine, I'm a humanist) but let's be accurate here…

  4. My only complaint would be that I'm not entirely sure why Zeus/Hades' "death" occurred in 200 BCE? Worship for them was definitely still active on an incredibly large scale and part of state cult for another 500 years or so (for instance, massive temple to Trajan and Zeus Philios built in Pergamon in the 2nd c. CE). So maybe for future iterations of this, just revise the dating to ca. 1000 BCE – ca 300 CE

  5. Probably because modern folks are familiar with the modern calendar and can't be be bothered researching how to convert BCE dates to one of the many Hellenic calendar systems. But I see your point. 🙂

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