University of Wisconsin–Madison

AHA Fundraiser: Blasphemy Bakesale

Every year, AHA chooses a charity to raise funds for. Last year, we were able to raise about $400 for Porchlight, a Madison charity that provides homes for people who need a little help getting back on their feet.

This year, we’ve decided to direct our efforts towards the Women’s Medical Fund, which provides safe abortion access for women in poverty.

We kicked off our fundraiser this year with our Blaphemy Bakesale! We sold baked goods on the corner of State St. and Frances from 5pm to midnight. Each cupcake and brownie had a small sign on it with either a swear or blasphemous phrase.

AHA President Nicole selling blasphemous baked goods
AHA Officer Shaina calling out swears to passersby
We hope to continue our campaign with a series of events for the Women’s Medical Fund throughout the semester.

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