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AHA Weekly Meeting: Interacting with Religious Family Members

Come one, come all to the AHA War on Christmas Party and Cookie Contest! Where: 521 S. Orchard St. #2.
When: Friday, December 5th, 9pm
What to Bring: Decorated cookies to be judged in our contest!

Weekly Meeting

Interacting with Religious Family Members
Thursday, December 4th – 7pm
Ingraham Hall, Room 224

For many, religious deconversion is extremely difficult. Interacting with religious family members after deconversion is a problem encountered by many newly nonreligious people. How do you deal with overly religious family members? How do you respond when a family member asserts their religion in an aggressive or demeaning way?

Can’t make it to the meeting? Join us afterwards at Memorial Union in the Lakefront Room around 9pmfor drinks, food, and more great conversation.

We hope to see you there!

 – Tyler Centers
   Service Chair

 – Anna Wright

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Tyler Centers
Our next installment of Meet The Officers has been released, featuring AHA Service Chair, Tyler!
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Upcoming Events

Tabling at Union South

Thursday, December 4th – 12:00 to 6pm
Union South – 1st Floor
Drop by our table, or join us as a volunteer!


War on Christmas Party and Cookie Contest

Friday, December 5th – 9pm
521 S. Orchard St, #2
Bring your decorated cookies to be
judged in our cookie contest!

Board Game Night

Saturday, December 6th – 8pm
Memorial Union – Lakefront Room


Recent Events


Saturday, November 8th – Board Game Night

This board game night surpassed the rest in dedication. Games were played until 5 in the morning. The union closed at 1am, but the party continued at an officer’s apartment. Long live great friends and great games!

Friday, November 7th – Free Art Friday

Although the turnout was small, some sweet wire jewelry was made! Join us next month for Free Art Friday at Memorial Union!


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