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God Graveyard Rises Again

Quickly becoming a favorite Halloween tradition, AHA’s “God Graveyard” is back again – and it’s bigger, better, and more blasphemous than ever before:

Here lie the graves of thousands of dead gods.  
Once worshiped by entire civilizations, now only myths. 
How much longer will the gods of today last?


6 thoughts on “God Graveyard Rises Again”

  1. Many people still worship many of these today; many of those who have fewer worshipers lost their worshipers when Christians killed them. You are hurting people who would fight with you to loosen Christianity's hold on our society, and you are disrespecting and injuring victims of war. But, you know, haha.

  2. Ha! Ogun (or Ogoun) has millions of followers today, Hecate is doing just fine as well, and as for Odin–you don't listen to much metal, do you? You might want to find some truly defunct gods to make your point.

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