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Weekly Meeting – Morality

Weekly Meeting

Thursday, October 16th – 7pm
Ingraham Hall, Room 224

This week we’ll be tackling the subject of morality! As secular folk, we tend not to think that morality is divinely inspired. So, where does morality come from? We will be discussing the four main branches of moral philosophy, if there is a universal philosophy, and much, much more!  

Can’t make it to the meeting? Join us afterwards at Memorial Union in the Lakefront Room around9pm for drinks, food, and more great conversation.

We hope to see you there!

 – Lucy Jiang

 – Mark Pan

Next Week’s Meeting

Brain Teasers: Moral Dilemmas
Thursday, October 22nd – 7pm
Ingraham Hall, Room 224

Join us for more moral ambiguity as we discuss all sorts of moral dilemmas. These dilemmas are a great way to test what is deemed “moral.” How do we put a value on human life? Do the ends really justify the means? When does killing for the greater good go too far?

We hope you can join us!

A Call to Blog
AHA’s blog updates with our recent events and stories worth sharing. Stories can range from coming-out-of-the-atheist-closet stories to news, primarily having to do with freethought, science, skepticism, or humanism. We also have a new series titled Meet the Officers, which can be viewed on the blog right now!

Do you have a story for the blog? Email it to us!

Upcoming Events

Poker Night

Friday, October 17th – 8pm
530 W Johnson St. #307 (Cole’s Apartment)
Call Cole at (401) 632-5374 to be let in!

Recent Events

Friday, October 3rd – Blood Drive

Although it was a slow start, the Blood Drive had a huge number of people donating in the afternoon.

 Sam Erickson, AHA President

Saturday, September 27th – Board Game Night

As always, board game night was a rousing success, with games involving deception, words,and cooperation. The next board game night should be sometime in the next month, so don’t worry if you missed it! 

Monday, September 30th – National Blasphemy Day

AHA officers asked passersby on East Campus Mall to write whatever they wanted on our huge white board. This was the awesome result.

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