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Weekly Meeting: Science and Pseudoscience

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Weekly Meeting

Science and Pseudoscience
Thursday, October 2nd – 7pm
Ingraham Hall, Room 224

What fate do the stars predict for you? Will a homeopathic beer give a stronger buzz? Does grandma’s remedy for aches and pains actually work? Can acupuncture cure cancer? Come discuss these questions and more at tomorrow’s meeting on Pseudoscience!

Can’t make it to the meeting? Join us afterwards at Memorial Union in the Lakefront Room around 9pm for drinks, food, and more great conversation.

We hope to see you there!

 – Mendel Mayr

 – Mark Pan

Next Week’s Meeting

Thursday, October 9th – 7pm
Ingraham Hall, Room 224

Moral dilemmas are a great way to reflect on what we think is “right” or “wrong”, and really get at what we think it means to be moral. How do we put value on human life? How do we decide who lives and dies? Is it moral to kill for the greater good? These questions, and more, will be the topic of discussion at next week’s meeting.

We hope you can join us!

Blood Drive

AHA is holding a blood drive with the Red Cross on October 3rd, from 10am to 3pm in Union South (Check “Today in the Union” for the room). You can either drop in and wait for a spot to open up, or schedule an appointment using the link below.

If you choose to schedule an appointment, please follow these steps after clicking the link below:

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Upcoming Events

Blood Drive

Friday, October 3rd – 10am – 6pm
2nd Floor of Union South (Check “Today in the Union”)

Recent Events

Saturday, September 27th – Board Game Night

As always, board game night was a rousing success, with games involving deception, words,and cooperation. The next board game night should be sometime in the next month, so don’t worry if you missed it! 

Monday, September 30th – National Blasphemy Day

AHA officers asked passersby on East Campus Mall to write whatever they wanted on our huge white board. This was the awesome result.

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