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Freethought Festival 3 Videos

The Freethought Festival 3 speaker videos are going up right now in a new playlist on youtube. 

Freethought Festival is an annual conference AHA puts on in order to promote free thinking, skepticism, and open-mindedness. The conference lasts multiple days and includes talks from a wide range of speakers in the freethinking community.

This year, we had talks from Dan Savage, Dale McGowan, Hemant Mehta, and more. More about the conference can be found on our the Freethought Festival website.

We recorded these talks, and intended to publish them to our youtube page as soon as we could. Unfortunately, we ran into a fair amount of technical difficulties in editing the videos. At the moment, we are in the process of finalizing each talk’s video and uploading it to youtube. We have a playlist for the videos here.

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