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The State Capitol Building in Madison, Wisconsin just got a little more crowded today: 

“Think this is ridiculous? We agree.  Religious ideas should not be promoted in the halls of government.  Protect the separation of Church and State, it protects us all.”

Every December, the Capitol rotunda becomes cluttered with numerous religious displays, mostly of a Christian nature, including signs from pro-life and creationist groups.  In response, someone has added a Festivus pole, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation constructed a natural nativity scene” featuring Charles Darwin (among other luminaries).  It was incredibly easy for AHA to secure a permit for our own installation.  (Anyone can do it, just fill out this simple one-page application [PDF]).  What’s preventing AHA and our allies in Madison from constructing a dozen atheist displays next year?  Maybe some shrines to pay homage to some of those thousands of dead gods are in order…

This is the problem of allowing religious symbols to be displayed in government buildings.  When the State decided to turn the Capitol into an open forum, they opened the floodgates which the Flying Spaghetti Monster just sailed through.  We would much prefer to keep government buildings free from all religious (and irreligious) messages,  but if it must be “anything goes,” we hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity to advertise their own viewpoints – no matter how silly.  

Near Madison? The FSM will be gracing the Wisconsin State Capitol with it’s presence until December 31st.  All Pastafarians are encouraged to make the pilgrimage to this holy site. RAmen.

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  1. Good work from Pennsylvanians Pious about Pasta! Have a Super Solstice and seriously, thanks for making a public statement about how religion ought to be private or at least not promoted by the gummint in a country where that's explicitly forbidden by law.

  2. This is GREAT! Congratulations, and I love the chutzpah. Sadly, this needs to be done, and hopefully the religious bigots who seem to hate anything but Christianiity will get the clue: GOD IS NOT MENTIONED IN THE CONSTITUTION FOR A REASON!

  3. It is a shame on this group thinks it okay to make fun of religion. I understand the issue is the separation of church and state. I do believe they should be separate. Ridiculing someones beliefs just to make a statement is no less then being a bully. You know, the person who does not understand something or is scared of it. If you want change then do your homework. Find out what it takes to change it. Why not put up a sign explaining your reasons why your group believes religion as no place being there? Otherwise you just look like a bunch of kids trying to get back at a classmate who made them mad. Mocking gets you no where and only proves your immaturity. You will only be seen as a joke and passed off. Thus getting nowhere.

  4. There is a 225 year old sign explaining why religion has no place in our government. It's called the establishment clause, and it's part of the first amendment of the constitution.

  5. As a 68yo Ordained Minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I am very proud of the action of these young "adults". Keep up the good work guys!

    > Young "adults" today are quite disappointing.
    > Apparently, maturity and restraint are in short supply.
    > You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  6. It would appear that you have little understanding of maturity. And restraint? Against what? The evil which is religion?

    Religions = control systems based on lies. (Yah, I'm a nerd.)

  7. I'm impressed by the fine quality graphic design of your poster. The colors, art and message are appropriate to the surroundings. The only offensive statement, "He boiled for your sins" is the same kind of offensive message that the Nativity imparts — that an innocent baby was born so that he could be crucified for your sins. I find the idea that I'm inherently sinful offensive, and the idea of human sacrifice to appease an angry god offensive. I do understand that this story is sacred to many, and that they see your poster as an affront to their "beautiful" message of the manger. In fact, I used to feel the same way and would have thought you were being hateful about 20 years ago. But thankfully I have come to understand the harm religion can do, and to comprehend the true value of the separation of church and state. I didn't have that perspective when I was your age, because there was not the kind of access to other points of view that we have today. While not everyone can appreciate your message of hope, I want to assure others that this is not a prank pulled by immature young adults. It actually did bring a tear to my eye to see them with their poster and think how I wish I had had that much freedom and perspective when I was their age. I regret so many years spent judging others. Well done, AHA, and happy holidays. ~ A friend from Delaware

  8. I'm not sure why you feel a need to mock Christians or any other religion for that matter. You may think I am wasting my time, but I will still pray for you and love you no matter how much you may hate me or God.

  9. Oh man. Just heard your interview on Columbus, OH 98.9 FM The Answer. It was hilarious and well informed. Never heard another human being speak so seriously about the FSM (bless his noodly appendages).

  10. Actually, if Anonymous, however many of you there are, took the time to read the poster, this group is not mocking religion, just the mixing of religion and government. To mix the two is intolerant. I was raised as a Congregationalist (the Pilgrims), who came to America because of religious persecution, but have not worried a great deal about about which viewpoint is right and don't want my government taking sides on religion!

    Here's a question for all Americans. Since many Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikkhs, and many others are American citizens, why shouldn't the Pledge of Allegiance be worded "One nation under God, Allah. Krishna, Buddha, Confucius, etc?

  11. This display only demonstrates how obnoxious and juvenile you guys can be. Believe it or not secularists could have good religious allies but such an allegiance won't be possible with groups like the hateful FFRF and their little AHA acolytes. The problem being that your approach to the separation of church and state is pharisaically absolutist and belittling. Your methods speak more of you than your cause. Your impetus appears to be from a disdain of religion rather than an interest in law. You strengthen your cause by a caricature of the other side which makes discussion nearly impossible. And if history is to be our guide the religious understand that the secular will keep up their push until the religious is not just separated from the state but trampled by it.

  12. It's not Allah because we speak English and not Arabic
    It's not Buddha or Confucius because they are not considered to be gods
    It's not Krishna for the same reason that it's not one nation under Christ.

  13. The United State's "Bill of Rights" first amendment reads…

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances"

    Nowhere do I see the phrase "separation of church and state"

  14. The FSM display is no more obnoxious and absurd than requests to promote other absurd myths. The cause is not to have us 'like' you, it is to keep your beliefs from a public building..cant you get enough being intrusive with knocking on peoples doors?

  15. Hey, All of you infidels, you disrespected my holy god ! bow before the might of his meaty presence !
    God, people can be so dumb sometimes. Hey Einstein, How can the state and religion be separate when the guys who used to be running the state are such egg headed Christians that mocked Obama and ACCUSED him of being a Muslim. If religion and state should be separate and if indeed you believe that they are in this country, then why does it matter whether Obama or anybody else who was running for president was a muslim or a christian ?

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