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Weekly Meeting: Interacting With Religious Family

Weekly Meeting

Interacting With Religious Family

Thursday, Dec 5th – 7pm
Ingraham Hall, Room 224

For many, religious deconversion is extremely difficult. Interacting with religious family members after deconversion is a problem encountered by many newly nonreligious people. How do you deal with overly religious family members? How do you respond when a family member asserts their religion in an aggressive or demeaning way?

These questions and others will be discussed at this week’s meeting, led by your Technology Chair, Elle Russell. This topic is especially relevant due to the approaching holidays, when many of us will be going home to our religious family members, where religion may be brought up in conversation or at the dinner table.

Can’t make the meeting? Join us afterwards at the Rathskeller around 9pm for drinks, food, and more great conversation.

I hope to see you there!

-Sam Erickson
Outreach Chair

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Next Week:
Freethought Speaker Series

Enforcing State Church Separation

Thursday, Dec 12th – 7pm
Speaker: Andrew Seidel – Staff Attorney, Freedom From Religion Foundation
Sewell Social Sciences, Room 6210

An update on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s legal strategies for defending the separation of church and state, including several ongoing lawsuits challenging the preferential treatment of churches and ministers by the Internal Revenue Service.

We hope you can join us!

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