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AHA Weekly Meetings: Morality, part 2

Weekly Meeting

Morality, part 2

Thursday, November 14th – 7pm
Ingraham Hall, Room 224

This week we’ll once again be tackling the subject of morality. While last week we talked about the role religion and non-religion have on Morality, this week we will be talking about the positives and negatives associated with specific moral theories. First, we’ll cover the ‘big three’ of normative ethics: Utilitarianism, Deontology, and Virtue Ethics. Then we’ll move on to talking about various ethical perspectives such as Nihilism, Egoism, Objectivism, and Hedonism. Vice President Chris Calvey will also lead a long discussion on the merits on Humanism.

Can’t make the meeting? Join us afterwards at the Lakefront on Langdon around 9pm for drinks, food, and more great conversation.

I hope to see you there!

-Sam Erickson
Outreach Chair

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Next Week’s Meeting:

Moral Dilemmas

Thursday, November 21st – 7pm

Ingraham Hall, Room 224

Along the same vein of our last two meetings, we’ve decided to devote an entire meeting to discussing and challenging our brains with specific moral dilemmas. Example questions include: What’s the monetary value of a human life? If you had the choice to save the life of your best friend or the lives of five random people, which would you choose? and, Is it ever acceptable to kill?

We hope you can join us!

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404 W. Mifflin Street #1

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The Sett at Union South

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The God Graveyard

This display was placed on Bascom Hill two weeks ago on October 30th. The halloween-themed graveyard featured hundreds of “gravestones” of gods that are no longer worshiped in large numbers as they once were. We then posed the simple question: how long will the gods of today last?

The response to this display was stunning. For more than a day, we were the top link on the subreddit r/atheism. We were also picked up on the popular blog The Friendly Atheist, and many other news sources. These sites combined led to nearly 150,000 views on our blog post and a 26,000% increase in activity on our Facebook page.

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