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AHA Weekly Emails: Arguments Against the Existence of God

Weekly Meeting:

Arguments Against the Existence of God

Thursday, October 10th – 7pm
Ingraham Hall, Room 224

Last week, we discussed the classic arguments FOR the existence of God(s). This week, we will be discussing the opposite: common arguments AGAINST the existence of God(s). We’ll be talking about Russell’s teapot, burden of proof, problem of evil, progress of science, God of the gaps, argument from poor design, and more!

Can’t make the meeting? Join us afterwards at the Rathskeller for drinks, food, and more great conversation.

I hope to see you there!

-Sam Erickson
Outreach Chair

Upcoming Events

Rathskeller Meetup

Saturday, October 12th – 8pm
Rathskeller (Inside Memorial Union)

Board Game Night

Friday, October 18th – 7pm
Lakefront on Langdon (inside Memorial Union)
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Past Events

Thurs, Sept 26 – Light The Night

Several of the AHA officers and members took part in Light The Night – a walk to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. AHA raised over $550 and we are still accepting donations!

If you’d like to donate, please go to our teampage.

Wed, Sept 25 – Stone a Heathen

We raised money for cancer research by inviting passers-by to playfully “stone” us with water balloons! Selling balloons for $1, we were able to raise over $100 in a matter of hours.

Check out this awesome video!

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