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Mass Email Draws Crickets Chirping, Tumbleweed

Once a semester we send out an email to the entire student body at UW-Madison, inviting interested students to join AHA.  Any student organization with $100 can send a mass email through the university’s system, so getting a dozen or so at the beginning of the year is pretty typical. Here’s our message from this semester:

Are you an atheist, agnostic, skeptic, or otherwise godless student? Great! You are not alone. Join AHA: UW-Madison’s only student organization for non-religious students.

To be on our email list, simply send a blank email to: <>

This year, AHA is implementing a variety of new services and events.  We have two weeks of kick-off events planned, and we are starting our new service: Faith Questioning!

Faith Questioning is a safe venue where students can talk about any religious issues (doubts, frustrations, questions, etc.) in one-on-one or small-group discussions. We are interested in conversation, not conversion. This service is available anytime, upon request, whenever is most convenient for you.
How do I set up an appointment for Faith Questioning?
•       Email us at
•       Or come to our Office Hours in room 3157 in the Student Activity Center, weekdays from 3-6PM.
•       Any student can utilize our services for free by simply contacting AHA.

Additionally, join us for FREE FOOD at any of our kickoff events!

•       Thu 9/12 – Grill/Chill Out — 6pm, Lakeshore Dorms
•       Sat 9/14 – Board Game Night — 7pm, Memorial Union
•       Mon 9/16 – Christian Cinema Appreciation Night — 7pm, TBD
•       Thu 9/19 – Kickoff Event with Free Pizza — 7pm, TBD
•       Fri 9/20 – S’mores at Picnic Point — 7pm, Fire Circle #6

To find out more about these events, check out our blog <> and Facebook page <>.
Also, we are on Twitter <>…
and Youtube: <>

This message is sent from a UW-Madison Registered Student Organization once a semester from a UW generated list.  You are not on any email list, so asking to be taken off will do you no good. You are not subscribed to anything, and will not receive additional messages.

Funded in part by the Associated Students of Madison.
ASM does not necessarily endorse the beliefs or actions of this organization.

Historically, our innocuous emails have gotten some people pretty upset.  
For a good laugh, check out:
Hate Mail Round 1, October 2011
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Hate Mail Round 3, October 2012
Hate Mail Round 4, February 2013

This year’s crank mail crop was, well, a little underwhelming to be honest:

  • I am 100% Catholic and that’s not going to change. You are legally obligated to remove me from your emailing list if I request it, so please do not send me anymore emails.
  • Unsubscribe immediately.
  • dont send me this crap
  • F u
  • God loves you!!
  • Don’t send this to me. Have fun in hell.
  • Smile, Jesus loves you.
  • PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST!!! I find you offensive and bigoted. 

Two years after our first mass email, it seems that the rage-filled vitriolic replies are subsiding…  It’s almost as if people are beginning to accept atheism and AHA as a perfectly normal, acceptable, part of the campus community.  I think we’re winning?

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