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UNSUBSCRIBE: My Resignation From AHA

Hey AHA, Remember me? I was the guy who wrote emails for like three years. I also was President and Vice President and an Officer and led meetings and emceed a conference and just generally tried not to get Chris Calvey mad at me. I’ve since graduated from UW and gone onto adult stuff like jobs. I just wanted to talk a little about how much AHA has meant to me over the years. When I first went to an AHA meeting my freshman year, it was great. There may have only been 12 of us in that room, but I had the opportunity to meet some people who ended up becoming my best friends. Over the next three years, AHA exploded. We now have paid officer positions! What?! Our membership is in the thousands! What?! And we run a yearly conference that brings big name speakers to campus! Amazing! But the most important part of AHA to me was that I was able to become friends with some great human beings. I’ve had gallons of beer with them, argued philosophy with them for hours, and even have been to a wedding of two AHA members (also, AHA connections helped me get my current job).These were some of my favorite memories of college. So as proud former member of AHA,thanks for the amazing times and I can’t wait to come back and visit. Here’s some parting advice I’ll leave you with: 1. Don’t let creepy dudes control the conversation at meetings; it scares girls away 2. Hold another debate against Badger Catholic 3. Make sure Chris Calvey knows when his time is up when speaking 4. Go to the Rathskeller after every meeting 5. Wrestle somebody in the grass outside once they close 6. Always double down on 11 7. Keep being awesome

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