University of Wisconsin–Madison

Freethought Festival 2!

The second annual Freethought Festival was an even bigger success than the first!
In case you missed it, videos of all of the talks are now available online:

Darrel Ray: “The Shame of it All: Why Do We Act Like Christians?”

Chris Calvey: “Molecular Biology, Evolution, and God.”
Eugenie Scott: ​”Deja Vu All Over Again: Denialism of Climate Change and of Evolution.”

Amanda Knief: “The Golden Calf: Why the Faith-based Initiative Needs to Be Exterminated.”
​Andrew Seidel: “The Greatest Story Ever Sold:America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage”
Hemant Mehta: ​”Post First, Ask Questions Later”
Greta Christina: “Why Are You Atheists So Angry?”
JT Eberhard: “Dear Christian 2”
Dan Barker: “Freedom From Religion”
Desiree Schell: “No Gods, No Masters: Unexplored Links Between Unions and Freethought.”
Kathy Goodman: ​”Creating Inclusive Campuses for Atheist Students”
Jesse Galef: “Atheist Students on the Rise”
Katherine Stewart: ​”The Fundamentalist Assault on Public Education”
Dale McGowan: “20 Things I Learned About Atheism While Explaining it to Dummies”
Debbie Goddard: “The Student Movement: Past,Present, Future”

Thanks to Festival Photographer Ingrid Laas for all of these great shots!

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