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AHA Emails #18: Freethought Fest is soon, let’s meet at the Rathskeller!

Hey everybody,
Freethought Festival 2 is almost here! Ah! It’s so exciting! You can still register here for free if you haven’t yet!

Meeting #18: Freethought Fest is soon, no meeting this week!
When: Tomorrow Wednesday, March 6th at 8:30pm (New time!)
Where: The Rathskeller, Memorial Union (New place!)
What: Let’s all just relax before this super exciting weekend at
Freethought Fest!

Freethought Fest 2013!
Freethought Fest starts this Friday at 6pm at the Lowell Center!
Freethought Fest is free!
Freethought Fest is going to have great talks!
Freethought Fest is going to be awesome!
Freethought Fest will be emceed by the clever guy who writes these emails!
If you want to go, you *MUST* register FOR FREE right here
Do you want to enjoy the atheist conference experience without leaving campus?
Attend the largest student atheist conference for FREE from March 8-10th!
Register here to find more information!
It is going to be a lot of fun. Please come. You’ll enjoy it. Here is a link where you can register.

Queer People of Faith
Friend of AHA and local church The Crossing will be hosting speaker Matthew Vines in an event celebrating the intersection of Faith and LGBTQ & Ally Identities this Thursday, March 7th at 7pm in The Crossing. It will be an interesting talk and you should go!

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