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Hate Mail: Round 4

Once a semester AHA sends out an email to the entire student body at the University of Wisconsin inviting students to join our organization. Any student organization can send a mass email through the university’s system and they are not considered spam. Many organizations, including other religious clubs, use the mass email system. This is the message we sent out this year.

Are you an atheist, agnostic, skeptic, or otherwise godless student?  Great!
Join AHA: UW-Madison’s only student organization for non-religious students.

What’s going on this spring?

Meetings: Group discussions every Wednesday, 7pm, Ingraham 224.
Freethought Festival: the world’s largest free atheist conference.  Register now at
Volunteering: Blood Drives, Food Banks, and more!
Social events: Trivia, Fun Fridays, Interfaith Singles Night.

If you haven’t heard by now: AHA was awarded a $69,000 GSSF budget for the next school year, making us the highest funded atheist student group ever!

Join our email list by simply sending a blank email to:
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This message is sent once a semester from a UW generated mass-email list.
You are not subscribed to anything, and will not receive additional messages… until next semester.  

“UNSUBSCRIBE” demands won’t accomplish anything, resistance is futile.

We always get a lot of responses back. Some of them are positive, most of them are not. You can read past responses to Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3.This semester we received one very interesting response that we’d like to share. This reply was sent to us, as well as the dean of students. It came in the form of one email, and has not been altered at all except to remove the name of the sender.


To the Dean of Students:

This is a disgrace to UW-Madison’s values of equality and fair treatment. Why should I be receiving unsolicited email to join an organizations whose doctrines are based in a lack-of-faith religious belief and yet receive no e-mail for the other organizations whose doctrines are faith-based beliefs?

Rather, it would be better to not allow such horrifying attempts to shape anyone’s religious beliefs to be sent out en masse unsolicited. I think the school and this organization should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a breach of core values of keeping education and religion separate.

Now, based on this e-mail, am I to assume my college is an Anti-Christian college? I mean, really? Is that the reputation Wisconsin is to have now? Oh, I suppose because the school gave $”69,”000 — I mean, really, look at this number, we are adults here! What a sick, sick thing this is, to this Atheist group, then am I to assume I am attending an ATHEIST UW-MADISON?! Anti-Faith is not the same as SECULAR, EQUAL, and FAIR. Otherwise you are leaving room for persecution of these atheists every much as Christians. I mean, now I know their meeting times. What is to prevent me from going there and revealing God’s word to them and protesting their attempts to steal souls? EVERY TIME THEY MEET.

Who allowed this e-mail to be sent out? How else did this e-mail find its way to me? Not only am I Christian, but I have actually seen and spoken to God, so there is no way I would have ever found my way onto their despicable, devilish e-mail list.

I think an apology e-mail should be sent out to the students on the behalf of the Dean of Students for this as I thought UW-Madison represented a tolerant atmosphere where Christians, other religions, and non-Christians could believe without having to worry about our own college trying to lead us into satanist doctrines!

Really, if just ONE student was misled away from their own beliefs in God because of what these people are propagating in unsolicited e-mail, I will be ashamed of my college.



No, that is NOT great, and I request to be fair, that every RELIGIOUS student group get the SAME opportunity to have one e-mail for every atheist religious email sent out because no, I did NOT sign up to receive this blasphemous, devilish email.

Jesus Christ has actually REVEALED Himself to me and shown me direct PHYSICAL evidence that He exists.

And this is the TRUTH.

So, you misguided, misled, and misinformed students are willingly allowing the spirit of the antichrist into your hearts, for one.

And second of all, you are trying to lead other students into hell with you. And don’t act like I’m not aware that Madison as a city is a full of witches! I have met some personally. I AM aware! The penalty for witchcraft is to eat your own flesh in hell, so you best repent now.

It’s one thing to be uncertain of your faith or to doubt in your faith, and another to be anti-Christian! to be anti-religion IS a religion…it’s called satanism! and to try to ENCOURAGE people’s faltering faith in such hard times! Oh, go have fun at your little luciferian CLUB meetings… go meet at your temple! I know who you are! and I have seen! and I won’t have to worry about seeing you again in the afterlife, because from DUST you came and into DUST you shall return without accepting God’s ultimate sacrifice of unconditional Love.

I am offended that you would try to send me an unsolicited email to encourage me in your BELIEFS in false doctrines! Your no-God belief is NO-GOOD TO ME!





You should be ashamed of yourselves to be so egotistical to think that somehow your sins are bigger than GOD.

Well, I’ve got good news for you!

The ONE God is MERCIFUL. He will FORGIVE YOU, because even though you turn your backs on Him, He still loves you.




I should petition the school right now! If you have a right to send me an unsolicited e-mail, then a Christian (or Jewish or Muslim) organization should have just as much right to send out an email at the SAME TIME to ensure EQUAL VISIBILITY AND OPPORTUNITY.

You are NOT a ‘non-religious’ group! Get that out of your head! You are an ANTI-RELIGIOUS GROUP. A belief in nothing is still a belief and you are trying to shape people’s minds and religions!!!! SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR LACK OF FAITH. YOU SHOULD BE MORTALLY ASHAMED.





A faithful servant of Christ, who may I remind you I have actually spoken to Christ,
So you best be careful what you say to me.
In fact, as I have requested, I never want to hear your ignorant, damned, misguided, willfully egotistical words EVER,

“Before Abraham was, I AM,” said Christ Jesus.
1 John 4:8 — For God is Love
Give God all the Glory as He made us to serve one another!

Interestingly, just two days after our latest mass email and this student’s response, the university changed its policy regarding emails from student organizations, allowing any student to opt out for the first time. Coincidence?

This was one of the most memorable replies we’ve ever gotten, but the best ones are messages of support and students hearing about us for the first time. AHA exists for a reason: to provide a welcoming environment for students like these. 

You guys probably get a lot of hate mail…so maybe this will make someone smile! I haven’t been to any meetings, but I am SO HAPPY that AHA is on this campus!!!!! Thank you for offering a safe space for the “nones”, and congrats on the big budget. I have no doubt you’ll be using it to do good (without god)!

10 thoughts on “Hate Mail: Round 4”

  1. Some of the logic in the spittle-choking ranty responses from Christians is just so faulty!

    I have to wonder if it was this kind of poor reasoning that led them to their faith in the first place.

  2. I'm a proud to call myself an atheist, but you are giving us a bad name by putting the antagonizing ending to this email. The rest is great; paints us in a good light and lets students know that such a club exists.

    Until the ending. Really, "… until next year… resistance is futile.." makes us seem like unimaginative 5th graders on a Halo game chat.

    Some of us are quite mature and don't need to antagonize in order to distance ourselves from religion

  3. Far from being childish, "until next semester." is just a factual statement, outlining the purpose of those emails. We send them out once a semester, and will continue to do so.
    AHA emails have always had some slightly silly humor in them… I think it's safe to assume that most people would be able to read that last line and realize that it's just that, a joke. To suggest otherwise seems condescending.

  4. Unfortunately, I think AHA does have a burden to legitime itself to some members of campus. While it is clearly humor, it's not particularly funny, and humor doesn't excuse the antagonism. The implication of the joke is that religion and atheism are pitted against each other, engaged in some sort of battle to convert each others followers and restrict each others rights. As AHA does represent me as an atheist, I'd also prefer emails that were ended more professionally.

  5. "It's not particularly funny," is your opinion. I thought it was a very funny piece of humor. If any other group did that I don't think it would have garnered the same response, which I think is unfair.

  6. thanks for that.I needed that.(I thought I was a true blue Atheist.Through and through.We have different words for the same thing. I found out that the land I see, some call "Mother Nature".I love that.Then I found out "Mother Nature" is an aspect of God.Now I don't say I'm an Atheist.With different words for God, is "Atheist" one of them?) Let's see.

  7. Some of the students you are reaching out to already think your AHA group is a joke. Why give them ammunition? The last line of the email is a throw away line. It's not original and it's not funny. The intent may have been humor, but it smacks of arrogance.

  8. I have to agree with the above anonymous comments that the approach taken by AHA is unnecessarily both antagonistic and arrogant, and as such, despite calling myself a lifelong secular humanist, I will not be joining any such organization that appears to take greater interest in cathartic straw dog tactics and juvenile rivalry over genuine, intellectual engagement with the religious AND secular community. I second the call for greater professionalism and more mature and thoughtful leadership on the part of an organization that speaks for an already marginalized (and too often despised for who we are) community.

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