University of Wisconsin–Madison

Meeting #12: Rathskeller!

Hey you heathens,
Less than two weeks until winter break! You can make it!

Good Without God: Adopt a Family!
AHA likes to do something positive for the community during the holidays, so help us sponsor a family for Christmas!
We’re working with the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services to give presents to a single mother and her son who are victims of domestic abuse.
If you’d like to help us raise money for these holiday gifts, please donate via AHA’s PayPal or bring cash to the meeting on Thursday!
Meeting #12: We’re all stressed out and busy, so let’s just hang out at the Rathskeller for a while
When: Thursday (Tomorrow!), December 13th at 7pm.
Where: The Rathskeller in Memorial Union
What: We’ll complain about our finals and enjoy some beverages. It’ll be fun!
Woah: The end of the world is almost here!

AHA Button Contest!
Tap into your artistic side over break and submit your best button designs, for a chance to win a free T-Shirt!
AHA Official T-Shirt Holiday/Christmas/Chanukah/Saturnalia/Solstice Sale!
They look super cool and they are available for sale at the Rathskeller meet-up, while supplies last, for only $15!
Pick up one and be the stylish nonbeliever that you want to be or give them as a great Saturnalia present! (See photos here!)

2012 Humanlight Celebration
Stuck in Madison over the holidays? Join the Humanist Union of Madison and the Madison Area Coalition of Reason for a festive party on Sunday December 23rd. (More info here.)

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