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AHA Meeting #11: South Park & Religion

Hey nonbelievers,
Looks like this semester is winding down! Only two meetings left!
Meeting #11: South Park & Religion
When: Thursday (Tomorrow!), December 6th at 7pm.
Where: Van Vleck B223
What: We’ll watch some South Park clips/episodes about religion and discuss it! Also, we’ll be bringing some snacks and soda; feel free to bring your own to share!
Woah: Don’t forget to come by The Rathskeller in Memorial Union for post-AHA-meeting shenanigans!

Fun Friday: Movie Night
Are you looking for a good time on Friday night and want to hang out with some fellow AHAers?
If so, join us for Fun Friday: Movie Night in 2241 Chamberlin at 7pm this Friday.
We’ll be watching the great Monty Python film: The Life of Brian
Feel free to bring some snacks (we may order pizza…)
Look for the cool looking kids in their swanky, new AHA shirts! Cya there!

AHA Official T-Shirt Holiday Sale!
They look super cool and they are available for sale at our next meeting for the low, low price of only $15!
Pick up one and be the stylish nonbeliever that you want to be or give them as a great Saturnalia present! (See photos here!)

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