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AHA Emails #9: Sex and Religion Part II

Hey nonbelievers,
Thanksgiving is so close. So close. Just one more week and then I’ll be drinking heavily and arguing with my extended family!

Meeting #9: Sex & Religion Part II
When: Thursday (Tomorrow!), November 15th at 7pm.
Where: Van Vleck B223
What: AHA will discuss the intersection of sex and religion
Woah: Last weeks meeting was just the tip of the iceberg! We’ve got plenty more to talk about regarding sex and religion!

AHA Official T-Shirts Are Here!
They look super cool and they are available for sale at our next meeting for the low, low price of only $15!
Pick up one and be the stylish nonbeliever that you want to be! See here!

Fun Friday
Are you looking for a good time on Friday afternoon and want to hang out with some fellow AHAers?
If so, join us for Fun Friday at Lakeshore on Langdon in Memorial Union at 6pm this Friday
We’ll play cards and hang out and just have a good time.
Feel free to bring your own board game!
Look for the cool looking kids in their swanky, new AHA shirts! Cya there

Monday FunDay
We won’t be having a meeting next week, but there’s a bunch of cool stuff is happening next Monday, November 19th at Union South!
First, the hilarious and awesome friend of atheists and writer of Savage Love, Dan Savage will be giving a talk at Union South at 7:30pm. Tickets are free but you need to pick them up from the University Box Office. Details can be found here!
Second, join AHA for some free team trivia at the Sett in Union south at 8:30pm (right after Dan Savage!). The trivia is Carl Sagan themed, so bring your space knowledge and stuff.
Come to either event, or come to both!

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