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AHA Emails #8: Sex & Religion

Hey nonbelievers,
Election is finally over. Good. Let’s get back to our real lives!
Here’s things happening this week:

Meeting #8: Sex & Religion
When: Thursday (Tomorrow!), November 8th at 7pm.
Where: Van Vleck B223
What: AHA will discuss the intersection of sex and religion

AHA Official T-Shirts Are Here!
They look super cool and they are available for sale at our next meeting for the low, low price of only $15!
Pick up one and be the stylish nonbeliever that you want to be! (See attached photo)

Fun Friday
Are you looking for a good time on Friday afternoon and want to hang out with some fellow AHAers?
If so, join us for Fun Friday at The Rathskeller at 6pm this Friday
We’ll play cards and hang out and just have a good time.
Feel free to bring your own board game!
Look for the cool looking kids in their swanky, new AHA shirts! Cya there

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