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AHA Emails #6: DEATH

Hey nonbelievers,
Here’s things happening this week:

Meeting #6: Death
When: Thursday (Tomorrow!), October 25th at 7pm.
Where: Van Vleck B223
What: AHA will discuss about how one day, we’ll probably die.
Why: It’s either this or taxes?
Wow: Due to popular demand, our meetings will now last 90 minutes! (We’ll take a break after 55 minutes)
Woah: Yeah, that means meet at the Rathskeller for post meeting fun at 8:30

Light The Night Walk For Lymphoma And Leukemia!
AHA is trying to raise money for the Light The Night Walk
All money donated goes to cancer research and support for people battling cancer.
And… All money raised by AHA will be matched by famous (rich) Atheist Todd Steifel!
Do your part to fight cancer! (it sucks)
We’ve already raised over $1,800, help us raise even more!
Also, we’re in 4th place for SSA affiliated groups raising money… Is 4th place good enough for you?!

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