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Freethought Festival Update

Were you at the Freethought Festival?

If not, I’ve got great news: you can now watch all of the talks online, for free!
Just head on over to the AHA YouTube Channel.  (And be sure to Subscribe and “Like” things!)
What are you waiting for, go and watch all of these amazing talks!

But wait, before you go, mark your calendar: March 8-10th 2013.
If you think this was impressive… wait until you see Freethought Fest 2.

PZ Myers: Scientists! If you’re not an atheist, you aren’t doing science right!
Hemant Mehta: How Can We Help Young Atheists?

Matt Dillahunty: The Superiority of Secular Morality
Richard Carrier: The Historicity of Jesus
Session 3: Church and State

Andrew Seidel: Debunking the “Christian Nation” Myth

Annie Laurie Gaylor: God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation

Ellery Schempp: Belief is Motivating; Separation of Church and State is Vital

Sean Faircloth: 
Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All – And What We Can Do About It

Session 4: Building a Secular Movement

Phil Ferguson: Breaking the Cycle of Religion

Dale McGowan: Parenting Beyond Belief
Lyz Liddell: The Unstoppable Growth of Secular Student Organizations
James Croft: Ingersoll’s Voice, Adler’s Vision – Humanism Beyond the Reason Rally
Alix Jules: Diversity in the Atheist Community
DJ Grothe: Skepticism, Atheism and Humanism – A Natural Freethought Relationship
(Credit for all these pictures goes to our wonderful photographer, Ingrid Laas)

For posterity, a huge “Thank You!” goes out to all of the Freethought Festival Sponsors: The Associated Students of Madison, Secular Student Alliance, Polaris Financial Planning, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the Madison Area Coalition of Reason.  Thanks to all of the MadCOR volunteers who contributed (Especially Leslie, Bob, Alfonso, Richard, and Ingrid).  And most of all, you can thank all of the AHA officers who gave up countless hours of their lives to make the Freethought Festival happen:

Row 1: Quinn, Brian, Sydnie, honorary officer Annie Laurie Gaylor.
Row 2: Mike and Chris.
Not Pictured: Brandon, Calli, and Laura, who were surely off taking care of something important.

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