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AHA vs. Badger Catholic

Apologies to all the Madisonian non-believers for the belated post, but it is here at last: the blog update regarding the now-infamous AHA-Badger Catholic debate. On that fateful day (December 7th) at 7 in the evening, AHA officers Chris Calvey, Mike Ramuta, Laura Burns, and Quinn Heck courageously battled (had an intelligent discussion with) four Badger Catholic representatives concerning stem cell research, abortion, contraception, and gay marriage, respectively. The debate was featured in The Daily Cardinal as well as the Badger Herald; if you wish to read the articles, they can be found here (Daily Cardinal) and here (Badger Herald). In addition, if, by some cruel twist of fate, you could not make the event, consider yourself blessed. The AHA officers, being very forward-thinking individuals, recorded the entire debate and put it on the AHA YouTube channel for your eternal viewing pleasure.

The AHA asked all of those who attended the debate to rate their opinions on each of the four topics on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being “completely disagree with,” 5 being “completely agree with,” both before and after the debate. The scores received were then recorded by our wonderful treasurer Chris. Though most of the 103 scorecards collected did not reveal any change in opinion, there were some points awarded to both sides. Badger Catholic garnered 20 points in its direction, while the AHA acquired 28. Let us allow the numbers to speak for themselves. However, all in all, both sides did an excellent job. The AHA would like to thank Badger Catholic for participating in this event with us; it was not only educational, but a lot of fun. We plan on hosting many more such debates in the future.

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