University of Wisconsin–Madison

AHA Emails: Meeting #5 – Atheism In Public

Hey UW nonbelievers,
I bet you’re all excited for the apocalypse this Friday,
but in the meantime, lets have another meeting! This time on… Atheism in Public!

What: A discussion of how to behave as an Nonbeliever in the public eye
When: Tomorrow, Wednesday, 7 P.M.
Where: 155 Van Hise
Why: This might come in handy if you ever want to go outside
Wham: That does sound useful/insightful

Also… a huge thanks to the wonderful people who came out on Sunday and helped us clean State Street!
It was a bunch of fun and we cannot wait to do it again.

And… want to support AHA and eat food at the same time?
If you’re having trouble reading this email because you’re jumping up and down so much from excitement,
then you should stop by Chamberlin Hall on Tuesday the 25th!
We will be selling pizza all day! And all proceeds will go to the AHA!
Too poor to afford pizza? Then come on by and say hello, thats nice too.

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