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AHA Emails: Meeting #4 – Indoctrination

Hey Madison nonbelievers!

Midterms over yet? Well if not, take a break from studying and head over to AHA Meeting #4!
This week, we’ll be discussing Indoctrination.

What: A discussion of indoctrination and how we should raise children intellectually!
When: Tomorrow, Wednesday, 7 P.M.
Where: 155 Van Hise
Why: You care about the children, right?

Wow: Yeah, I just accused you of being a bad parent

Want even more AHA? Of course you do!
Well dust off your bowling supplies and join us for…

AHA Bowling Night!
This Friday, 6pm at The Sett in Union South
It’ll be loads of fun so come along if you can spare the time! (pun!)
RSVP on the facebooks if you can make it!

Also we have in store…

Clean Up State Street!

Seriously ya’ll, you will probably spend the weekend drunkenly carousing State Street,
so do your bit and help us pick up litter around campus!
We’ll be meeting this Sunday, 1pm at the steps to Memorial Union.
After we help make the campus more awesome, we’ll grab some late lunch too, so be there!
RSP here!


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