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Counter-protesting a pro-life display

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Picking up trash after the Mifflin Street Block Party

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  • Leadership Team Members supporting LGBTQ+ pride at the pride parade. Featured from left to right: Amol Goyal, Gwen Salm, Jessica Iverson, Sam Kluck, Emily Pyszora.

    AHA at Pride

    On Sunday August 19th AHA came together with the rest of Madison to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride. A yearly tradition AHA has welcomed with open arms, our leadership team members walked once again the length of …

  • Response to March 2nd Statement

    We understand that the statement we have released has garnered traction, and our position has been jarring for some members of the secular community. We appreciate the discussion that has taken place and encourage critical …

  • Stand Against Scientific Racism

    The Guardian released a report this morning highlighting that Steven Pinker and Sam Harris, men often looked up to as “leaders” in the secular community, are connected to the pseudo-science known as “scientific racism.” This …

  • God Graveyard Annual Display

    This past Halloween, eight AHA officers awoke before dawn to set up our annual Graveyard of the Gods display. The main display reads as follows:  GOD GRAVEYARD   Here lie the graves of thousands of …

  • Blasphemy Bakesale

    Last Friday night, many of AHA’s new members, old members, and officers joined together to begin the process of one of the most exciting fundraisers AHA does each year: The Blasphemy Bake Sale. All proceeds …

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